NYC Museum School Physical Education Department



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Running Tracks

Physical Education and Health

All students take physical education for all 4 years at the NYC Museum School, and all 9th grade students take health. The health and physical education curricula for each grade are aligned with New York City and New York State’s Wellness Standards, and comprise a mix of sports, exercise, and general wellness activities. Students who participate on a sports team, in the Hudson River Community Sailing program, or as a member of the NYCMS Running Club (part of the Rising New York Road Runners program) receive physical education credit through their participation and do not take regular gym class. 

Required Physical Education Attire:


Museum School T-shirt  

Athletic shorts or sweatpants

Sneakers with laces

Combination Lock*


*Please be advised that you must lock up your belongings while using the locker room for gym. Do not leave your personal belongings in a locker without a lock on it. Please see Mr.Urbach or Dean Skirianos if you have any questions regarding this policy.