Ms. Abraham

9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade Art



A special congratulations goes out to Ms. Abraham for winning the 2019 and 2020

Manhattan Borough Arts Festival cover design competition!

Each year The Manhattan Borough Arts Festival re-designs the cover art to be used in all publicity materials, both electronic and printed. These materials go out to every school in Manhattan, Pre-K – 12th. They also go to every Manhattan superintendent, Manhattan Field Support personnel and parents of participating students- usually upwards of 500 families.


Click on the picture below for an expanded version of the cover! 














Ms. Abraham's Classes:

9th grade Intro to Studio Art and Introduction to Art History

Students will learn foundation art making skills and the ability to analyze one or more pieces of art and artifacts.


10th grade Studio Art and Art History

Students will learn new art making skills to build onto the skills they learned in 9th grade. They will compare and contrast art and artifacts.


11th grade Advanced Studio Art and Art History

Students will create original art works implementing skills learned from 9th and 10th grade.   Students will compare and contrast images and texts.



12th grade Advanced Studio Art and Advanced Art History

Students will create original art works incorporating works learned in other disciplines. Students will also continue to analyze, compare, contrast and evaluate Art History.



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